For Him in Stealth is a network of like minded people of many ages and backgrounds who’s aim is to help people who are in need.FHIS members don’t want or expect any recognition for any things we may be able to help with. For this reason, we ask all members that if we can help someone in need the recipient will not know who helped in all situations. Doing the most good, with no strings attached is For Him in Stealth’s credo. FHIS aims to help individual people and families that are in need. Please keep that in mind when making requests. For Him In Stealth does not give to any organizations or groups as we would like to keep our goal of making any donations and help as personal as possible. If you have a request for a work of good such as a donation of money for someone sick, community service, homeless in need or anything else that you think would make the world a better place, please go to our main site and hit the contact us button. Because we are a stealth group we communicate in this group and by email only.

This is a private group. To join you must be a registered site member and request group membership.